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Grow Your Own!

The SproutsIO solution brings you the most complete and enjoyable indoor gardening experience, accessible wherever you are via the SproutsIOGrow mobile app.

With access to curated Personal Produce offerings, grow what you want, the way you like, in a high performance system that is easy to use and simple to maintain. By offering transparency into each input of the cultivation process, SproutsIO enables you more control over what you eat.

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Your order includes one SproutsIO device and your first sIO seed renewable.

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Width: 12.00 (in)
Height 28.00 (in)
Depth 12.00 (in)
Membership SproutsIO requires monthly membership per device. Membership includes access to unlimited sIOs and SproutsIOGrow software services for $29/month. Charges begin upon device activation. No commitment. Pause or cancel anytime.
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Delivery Currently available for shipment to U.S. locations only.
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Product Specifications .
Length 12"
Width 12"
Height 24-36" (adjustable height)
Weight 15 lbs.
Power 100-240V, 50/60 Hz
WiFi Required


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Written by Peter on Aug 22nd 2019

Innovative Product, Great Support!

I was an early crowdfunding supporter of SproutsIO, and was very pleased with the innovative design of this product when I got my device. I have grown a number of crops since then, not worrying about seasons or weather, and I’ve enjoyed the fresh vegetables and herbs. When I’ve needed support and advice about how to maintain my crops while away from home for extended periods — or anything else — the SproutsIO team has always been there to help. I have had nothing but good experiences with the product and with the support I’ve gotten, and I highly recommend them both.

Written by Jana on Aug 22nd 2019

Great veggies, even better customer service!

I can't be happier to have been a Kickstarter early adopter of SproutsIO. The veggies that I'm growing year round in my living room are tasty, and the unit -- though not small! -- is a great conversation piece. Better than the produce has been the customer service: the SproutsIO team has consistently been quick to respond to questions and has provided great tech support. I can't think of a better way to get year-round fresh flavors!

Written by Todd R on Aug 22nd 2019

Happy Growing!

"Growing fresh produce had always been a challenge for me. I lacked the proverbial "green thumb" required, as well as dealt with the challenges of my growing environment (e.g. poor soil, volatile weather, and wildlife looking for an easy meal). Undeterred, I began exploring indoor growing options. I discovered the SproutsIO initiative and was intrigued by the concept of a hands-off, technically advanced, hydroponic (soil-free) growing system. The abundant selection of growing options was of particular interest to me, as my family enjoys a variety of fresh spices and vegetables. Downloading the app was routine and made setting up the SproutsIO unit a breeze. Simply add water, insert the seed disk, and watch it grow! We now have fresh produce growing all year round, and can monitor and share the autonomous growing process from anywhere. The app's frequent suggestions make it both fun and easy, especially when it's tasting time. As an unexpected bonus, the unit's contemporary design looks quite attractive, and makes for a great conversation piece to impress your guests. As satisfied as I've been with the product and results, the customer service is honestly the best I've ever received - that's a big statement. Emails are answered promptly and any inquiries are relentlessly followed up on until resolved. To my surprise, the support team has proactively CONTACTED ME on several occasions to alert me of wifi issues, low-water levels and minor tweaks during development. sIO seed refills arrive automatically, per my preselected queue, and anything else I've needed has arrived within days. There are few buying experiences where I've felt the need to comment so extensively, but the folks at SproutsIO are fully deserving of this consumer's confidence. I'm equally as confident they'll keep up the good work.

Written by Jeff Tan on Aug 22nd 2019

Great Company! Grow More With Less

SproutsIO is a terrific company all around! First and foremost, their staff and customer service is the best. From start ups to Fortune 500’s, this is often the most overlooked integral part of the business. At SproutsIO, they were and continue to be extremely friendly and always responsive with feedback/troubleshooting/advice/etc. They always follow up, and always assist to the best of their abilities. I believe a lot of companies could learn a thing or two from the Sprouts team. They even sent us a second set of basil immediately when we had some minor issues, just as a courtesy! So grateful and so nice of them. Living in the Bay Area, I’ve often received a lot of questions surrounding… why? You have a lot of produce growing outside? This may be mainly true, but we still get frost in the winters! It’s so lovely to have some fresh herbs, tomatoes, etc. growing at all times. It’s also just nice to be able to simply remove this nice looking pot and bring it to the counter as you start prepping for your cooking. It’s a very aesthetically pleasing device, and just kind of fits in with our “bookshelf type knick knacks”. We have a lot of “weird, out there” decor in our home, but this is always the one that people want to ask about. This will be amazing in our winters over here, but also all year round. We all know that weather is unpredictable for the most part. This will absolutely allow for more consistency with regards to yield and quality. No disrespect to the east coast, but considering the weather over there… I’m so confident that you’ll love this and utilize it even more than us. ;) Lastly, it reminded me a lot of Iron Ox, which is a commercial grow operation with similar core competencies to SproutsIO over here in the bay. The difference being, SproutsIO can be for us as individuals, especially as this company continues to grow and scale! After learning of and seeing Iron Ox, and being from the robotics/sensor field myself, I really saw the merits of this type of cultivation. Less water? Controlled lighting for optimal grow results? Increase in consistency w/ regards to grow results? Check, check, and check! I was all about it when I learned of SproutsIO. There are many other wonderful aspects of SproutsIO that I did not touch on, but I’ll leave those for you to explore :) Anyways my friends… so much more I could share with you, all of which are very positive! We truly support SproutsIO and hope that you all will join us in helping them grow and scale! With more support from prospective users such as yourselves, scale is absolutely achievable! Let’s help more people grow their own produce, but also change the way people view “traditional gardening / growing”. Big shouts to SproutsIO! We’re all with you 100%!

Written by Ben on Aug 22nd 2019

Grow veggies at home with ease & style!

Hydroponic gardens used to be big science projects at universities, then they got shrunk so you could buy them, and now they're designed to look beautiful on your counter! Lots of other hydroponic gardens use small proprietary pods or cartridges that don't have a lot of seeds in them and can be hard to dispose of. SproutsIO's seed disks are easy to install, tend, and dispose of – the entire disk is compostable! And watching the garden grow is a joy – every morning I get to see my sprouts grow taller and greener. The SproutsIO lamp casts beautiful light too, and beyond providing the precise amount of light across the spectrum to seedlings, it makes a great night light for the whole kitchen. Since it's adjustable according to the height of the plants, it's easy to make sure the garden gets the right amount of light. I get questions and compliments on my SproutsIO by everyone who walks though my kitchen. The plants I grow taste better than what I would buy in the store and for the first time I understand what "fresh" means. The SproutsIO app is dependable too, and I can check on the growing cycle and even see a live image of my garden from anywhere, anytime I want. SproutsIO gives me useful reminders and prompts to check the water level and make sure my sprouts are on track in their growing cycle. If my plants need more time to grow during a stage, it's easy to continue the current phase. And after I've eaten all the greens from my SproutsIO, I can disassemble the basin and clean it easily. I highly recommend the SproutsIO to anyone who wants a graceful, easy to use garden in their kitchen.

Written by Andrea on Aug 22nd 2019

Fun and Delicious Farming at Home

We couldn’t be happier with our SproutsIO system. Our menus are now enhanced with flavorful all organic “farm to table” vegetables grown in the tiny “farm” in our kitchen. We never appreciated how arugula, basil, tomatoes, green beans and lettuces could be so delicious, easy to harvest and pest free until we discovered Sprouts! We love our Sprouts system so much that we have purchased it for our adult children, who also are enjoying the taste, fun, and environmentally conscious in-home farming that this hydroponic system provides. Thank you for enhancing our dinner table!